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These links will take you to the music and merchanidise pages of Boat Rocker and Right Cut Records Artists as well as those from other labels* and independent artists** we have partnered with.  Here you will find CD's, Full Album and Single Track Downloads, Download Cards and other Merchandise as it is available.  Some items and partnership agreements are for a limited time and/or limited supply!

(Associated albums listed left to right and top to bottom in order of Release Date.  Scroll down to find the Artist/Band of interest.)

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    Genre Legend:

CF = Christian Folk     CR= Christian Rock     CHR = Christian Hard Rock     CSB = Clean Secular Blues     CSC = Clean Secular Country     

CSHR = Clean Secular Hard Rock     CSP = Clean Secular Pop     CCP = Christian Classical Pop     ISO = Instrumental / Symphonic / Orchestral

"Through All This"
03/2018 (CSHR)
Collin Beasley
"What Happened Saturday Night" 12/2017 (CSP)
08/2017 (CHR)
Sheri Roberts Greimes
"Bleeding Heart" **
12/2016 (CSB)
Douglas & Seiko Werts
"Two Hearts"
11/2016 (CCP)
Ciara Grace
"The Lord's"
11/2016 (CR)
Collin Beasley
"Ghost - EP"
11/2016 (CSP)
Brendan Brooks
"Broken" **
03/2016 (CR)
John Herrera
"La Fiesta" **
03/2016 (ISO)
Nathaniel Chapman
"From Higher Ground To The Other Side"
03/2015 (CF)
"Prologue" *
11/2014 (CR)
"The Valadares EP" *
10/2014 (CSHR)
Sheri Roberts Greimes
"Family Tree" **
05/2010 (CSC)
Salt The Band
"Mr. Brown" *
02/2001 (CR)
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